WHO CAN ATTEND dirtastic sessions/the main event?

DIRTastic is for women* who ride dirt bikes and 18+. DIRTastic is for ALL LEVELS! There will be small clinics lead by DIRTastic’s USMCA Certified Coaches offering skill building from beginner to advanced riders. Our clinics will be focused on basic skills, cornering, speed, jumping, wheelies, how to go over obstacles and more! Please follow us on Instagram @dirt.astic and join our mailing list to stay tuned in.

Do I need a ticket?

Yes, you must purchase a ticket to participate at any DIRTastic Sessions and/or events.

whats the age limit?

Yes, DIRTastic is 18+. We may accept participants under 18 with prior authorization from DIRTastic and must be accompanied by a female over 18.

Is there camping?

Yes, we will have camping available at all DIRTastic Sessions and events. Each location will have different options, so please make sure to check your specific Session/Event for information.


You will be responsible for your own food*, snacks and water.

*At The Main Event we will provide Dinner Saturday. 


What kind of riding will we do? Is this just for motocross/track riders?

DIRTastic is focused on skill building for all riders! Whether you ride off-road or the motocross track, you will have to opportunity to work on a variety of skills that benefit both types of riding. We use motocross tracks that offer both trails as well as a track. Each location has specifically been chosen for the needs of DIRTastic, allowing us to change up what we bring to each Session.


To ensure that you and your fellow riders have an optimal learning and riding experience, the following are requirements to attend a DIRTastic Session:

-DIRTastic is for dirt bikes under 500cc with knobby tires. This is not a street bike event.
-Off-Road or Motocross Bike Year preferably 2000+ and must be in good running condition! We do not have mechanics on-site and may not be able to help you with mechanical issues.

If you have questions, please email braap@dirtastic.com

What else should I bring?

Please come prepared with all your moto gear (REQUIRED Protective Gear: Helmet, Goggles, Off-road/MX Motorcycle Boots, Gloves, Knee Guards. Additional Recommended Gear: Riding Pants, Jersey, Chest Protector, Neck Brace), prepped bike, extra fuel, food, water, snacks, warm clothes, etc. We will have a suggested packing list closer to The Main Event.

ARE MEN ALLOWED? What about my kid? And my dog?

At DIRTastic we have built our culture for women to come ride without the guys in order to build confidence and community. Please leave the guys, children and pets at home. 


Sorry, no refunds. No exceptions.

* DIRTastic is a Women’s event. If you were born a male and identify as male, this event is not for you.